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Bali Holidays Dive into Tropical Bliss with our Bali Holiday Package Specials!
Bali Holidays Dive into Tropical Bliss with our Bali Holiday Package Specials!
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Discover our Bali packages

Our Bali packages will take you to discover this mystical island, for a trip rich in thrills

Bali is the cocoon par excellence for reconnecting with the calm and recharging your batteries, with its beaches soothed by the sound of the surf, its untamed mangrove, its little tranquil towns, and its culture fluctuating between Buddhism and Hinduism. In a few clicks, book one of our Bali packages and attend the sunset ritual on Kuta Beach, be enchanted by Balinese art in Ubud, and put on your walking shoes to view the grandeur of Mount Batur, which overlooks the lake of the same name. An experience you will never forget.

Our hotels in Bali provide a chance to experience a genuine change of environment. Allow the aroma of frangipani blossoms to accompany you from the cliffs of Bingin to the old rice fields of Jatiluwih, past Mount Agung's volcanic relief, lush rainforest, and long beaches of Bukit.

During your Bali holidays with Quintrip, you may visit the idyllic Gili Islands, Lombok, where the magnificent Rinjani volcano rises, or the enigmatic Java.

Each region of the island will surprise you, and our Bali specials will be full of emotions. Before enjoying a busy evening in Kuta, have a grilled lobster on Jimbaran's beach or eat in one of Seminiak's stylish restaurants. You will experience the spirit of Balinese culture in Ubud, a city of arts and crafts.

With our Bali holiday packages, you will notice that spirituality pervades everything. Daily life is peppered with offerings and religious events. Consider visiting the holy temples of Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, where ceremonial dance performances at twilight are accompanied by the music of the gamelan.

Bali, the "island of the gods," emanates enchantment and beauty. Bali is one of the smaller islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet it is by far the most popular with visitors, with Lombok catching up.

This little oasis offers all you need for a memorable trip, and our selection of hotels in Bali is huge... Beautiful beaches in Bali, even though not all of them are swimmable, spectacular volcanic reliefs covered in forests, hills with rice fields stretched out and whose curves make the light dance, and a ubiquitous and always true Hindu fervour. And the Balinese people entice with their softness and extraordinary friendliness. Whether they reside in tourist regions or in remote hamlets, the Balinese have not lost their serenity or their rituals. What a joy to witness people sacrifice as if nothing else mattered to the daily ritual of offerings that may be seen in front of every business, on bridges, on the edge of rice fields, or on the altars that embellish the gardens. Perhaps it is the Balinese's continual presence of the holy that makes them so friendly and enables them to weather the tourist boom without surrendering their soul...

Relax, go for a stroll to observe the island's beauty, discover a rich history, a hospitable community, beautiful temples, and gorgeous beaches in Bali. The uniqueness of the island will enchant you throughout your Bali holidays. Despite being the smallest island in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali continues to be the most popular tourist destination. Explore its beautiful beaches, magnificent reliefs, and spectacular volcanic scenery. One thing is certain: this Bali adventure will not be short on surprises.

The island attracts for its calm way of life and offers a stay focused on well-being. There are several spas that provide real Balinese massages. However, it is not required to enter a specialist facility to experience these moments of absolute relaxation. You only need to follow the inland roads. The green or yellow dominates the terrain in the hinterland, with terraced or not rice fields that adorn the towns of Pupuan, Antosari, and Tegallalang in particular. This one-of-a-kind scene begs for rest.

Bali has a little mysterious, yet lovable, aspect. Indeed, it boasts several Hindu temples, earning it the nickname "island of gods." If these houses of worship exist in every Balinese village, the most magnificent are demolished. This is the situation with the Tanah Lot temple. It rests atop a wave-tossed rock and is only accessible at low tide. Uluwatu Temple is also worth a visit. It is situated on the Bukit peninsula, on a 70-meter-high cliff. Its advantageous position offers you a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and the sunset's procession of sparkling hues.

Ubud, located in the heart of Bali, is a must-see. It is the island's cultural hub. Its artisans have elevated the Balinese know-how to new heights. The city is teeming with shops selling wickerwork, jewelry, sculptures, and a variety of other handcrafted items. However, visitors to Ubud also come to see Balinese dance and singing acts. There are several hikes to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary from Ubud. The visit promises to be entertaining in the presence of cheeky monkeys that like eating bananas. Bali also has a variety of activities to help you stretch your muscles. Mount Batur is a popular hiking destination for individuals who like the outdoors. This very active volcano rises over 1,700 meters above sea level and provides stunning views of the Balinese landscape. Its climb is normally planned for very early in the morning when the sun is still down, with a guide to enjoy the dawn from the summit.

Surfers, for their part, flock to Kuta's famed beach. The most experienced surfers will be happy there, while beginners may benefit from tuition. If Bali seems to be peaceful at first glance, Kuta retains a vibrant vibe, particularly at night. There are several bars and clubs. Lovina Beach, with its black sand, is another gorgeous beach. People come here to unwind by the sea and to interact with dolphins, who are especially fond of its waters. The Bukit Peninsula is a must-see destination on the Indonesian island. Whether you want to go on excursions or participate in sports like surfing and kite surfing, the peninsula will not disappoint you with its towering cliffs that dominate the Indian Ocean. You may also visit Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan, two islands in the Bali province that are ideal for exploring the gorgeous seabed of the Indian Ocean while scuba diving. Finally, take a look at our Bali specials to plan your next Bali holidays to go at any time of year and take advantage of the greatest deals! 

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What if you went to find a paradise in Indonesia, halfway between Asia and the Pacific Ocean? We offer you amazing Bali holiday deals! Visit its rice fields, Indonesia's volcanoes, or dive in these blue seas teeming with rainbow fish! The landscape will completely alter! Take advantage of this tour to learn about Balinese culture and great cuisine. The range of sceneries on this little island will wow you on a vacation to Bali. Discover all of our Bali holiday packages and choose the one that's right for you.