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Greece is more than just a tourist destination. It is the birthplace of democracy, the western border, and the eastern frontier. Under its tremendous sun lies a diverse ecosystem made up of many islands, dense woods, and reliefs that will satisfy all fans of vast open areas. The ancient relics and foundations of our globe stimulate interest in its cities, while the manner of life reassures those seeking local culture.

Greece is a large nation in southeast Europe, one-fifth of which is made up of thousands of islands distributed between the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It has a centuries-old history as the birthplace of Western civilisation, which is reflected in several historic structures that are as opulent as they are unmistakable. Far from being restricted to its historical relics and illustrious history, the nation entices with its Mediterranean climate and countless beaches popular with idlers. Our Greece packages will give you the chance to sample some of the country's most renowned gastronomic delights and become acquainted with local traditions. As you can see, there are several reasons to go to this country! So, don't be afraid to satisfy your urge to escape by coming to learn the richness of Hellenic culture, for example, by booking one of our hotels in Greece, especially for a weekend in Athens.

In Greece, the number of remnants and ancient sites to see is incomprehensible. If you had to start somewhere, it would undoubtedly be in front of the magnificent Acropolis of Athens. The millennia between you and these magnificent columns speak for themselves. These monuments and their durability are remarkable. There's the Parthenon, devoted to the goddess Athena, and, of course, the Dionysus Theater, where history's first plays were played. Your journey through Greek history continues on the other side of Syntagma Square, where you will come across the doors of the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The National Archaeological Museum is not far from there. An establishment.

If you want to extend your Greece holidays, come to the Peloponnese for an unforgettable encounter with history. Indeed, it is through traveling to the magnificent location of OIympie that you will find the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Delphi, located on the slopes of the fabled Mount Parnassus, houses the Temple of Apollo. A legendary mood starts to envelop your Greek holiday.

Plan a vacation with Quintrip’s Greece specials to see the variety of its landscapes and stunning sandy beaches. It is also a chance to broaden your knowledge of Greek mythology and the traces left by history since antiquity. Greece offers a bright atmosphere and a liberal way of life, making it an excellent destination to unwind with the advantages of thalassotherapy. Furthermore, local hospitality is a real tradition in Greece.

The remarkable sights are many and all unforgettable, with the Cyclades islands, especially Mykonos with its fashionable clubs confronting whitewashed villas with blue shutters, at the top of the list. Crete, the island of the Gods, is located on the frontiers of Europe, Asia, and Africa and is home to the fort of Koules as well as the ancient Minoan ruins of Knossos, Malia, and Festos. Delphi, situated in central Greece, is the country's second most prominent archaeological site, housing the Temple of Apollo on Mount Parnassus. Greece is a paradise for individuals who like the mountains, sea, and sun. The natural park of Vikos-Aoos in the Zagorias has stunning surprises for hikers throughout their stay in Greece. They explore the Vikos Gorge and the pathways along Epirus' rivers. The beach of Myrtos on the island of Kefalonia is without a doubt the most stunning beach on this side of the Mediterranean in the Ionian Islands, with its turquoise seas.

The Parthenon, which stands atop the Acropolis and overlooks the city of Athens, is the Greek capital's most recognizable structure. The Benaki museum, the Byzantine museum, and the archaeological museum recount the city's history and famous past. Athens, the fabled birthplace of democracy, impresses with its cosmopolitanism, where the trendy area of Metaxourgeio coexists with the authenticity of Psirri and the historic district of Plaka with its conserved cultural legacy. Vacationers come to Thessaloniki on their Greece packages looking for a calm area to lay their towel and enjoy the numerous water sports on its beach. The city contains several old monuments due to its 23 centuries of existence. Beautiful sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife are shared by the cities of Crete, Agios Nikolaos, and Rethymon. Monemvassia in the Peloponnese is a one-of-a-kind town. The medieval old town, with its stone homes, is constructed on a rock encircled by fortifications and linked to the mainland and the modern town by a narrow lagoon that provides the sense of gazing at an island from a distance. 

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and wet but very mild winters. During the summer, sea breezes keep the islands and coastlines cool, making the heat tolerable. Spring is a nice time to visit Greece, with an average temperature of 25°C from May. If you prefer swimming, September and October are the greatest months to enjoy warm water, and booking hotels in Greece during winter has a certain allure that draws a large number of visitors. Skiing and hiking are available in the fabled regions of Mount Olympus and Mount Parnassus. The wettest months of the year are December, January, and February.

There are numerous methods to travel to your location for Greece holidays. Taking a cheap flight to Greece is the most convenient method to get there. There are several flights to Athens' Eleftherios Venezilos International Airport, the country's biggest. You may travel to any of the Greek islands that have airports from here. If you like the allure of sailing, you may also get to Greece by boat. Ferries are the most common mode of transportation, providing year-round maritime links between Greek and Italian, Cypriot, and Turkish ports.

You may use a bus to move from one location to another during your vacation choosing one of Quintrip’s Greece specials. The KTEL intercity bus operators will transport you across Greece, including the islands. Flying is the best option for speedy and pleasant travel. Olympic Air, which serves several connections inside Greece, is one of the country's well-known carriers. If you want to go on your own, you may hire a vehicle from a small local firm for a reasonable fee. With approximately 14,000 cars registered in Athens, you will have no problem locating a taxi.

Are you looking for the sun, beauty, white, and blue? Take a look to our Greece packages! From historic lands to paradise islands, this is a beautiful and rewarding destination to explore at least once in your life. From Athens to Delphi, rediscover your history lessons and dive into the universe of Greek gods, Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, through unique vestiges in the world... Our Greece holidays will reveal you all the secrets of archaeological sites with a captivating ancient past. In the Greek islands, it is the present moment that you will savor with happiness, on a deserted cove, a flowered balcony or a cliff plunged into the sea... Those who want to combine the pleasures of the islands and history will be delighted by a trip to Crete. Wild and mountainous, full of archaeological treasures and dreamy beaches, "the island of the Gods" is a perfect summary of all the assets of Greece. Corfu, Rhodes, Kos... Other Greek islands with small villages and sublime landscapes will give you ideas of paradise.

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You're seated on a beach patio on one of the most beautiful Greek islands, gazing out at the turquoise blue sea. When the server offers you a glass of handmade ouzo, you don't have time to worry about relieving your thirst. You plan your day for the following day while sipping your aniseed drink. Island hopping, seeing historical sites, or just relaxing in the Greek sun? With a vacation in Greece, everything is possible.