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Maldives Holidays Crystal Waters and Overwater Bliss: Dive into Paradise with our Maldives Holiday Package!
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Discover our Maldives packages

With our Maldives packages, a vacation to the Maldives is now a dream come true, thanks to our wide range of trips!

Stroll along some of the world's most stunning beaches, such as Maafushi Island or Ari Atoll, or dive in the Maldives' transparent seas. The tropical nation is well-known for its azure lagoons and extensive reefs. Everything people need for great Maldives packages is at your disposal at Quintrip. 

The Maldives, which are surrounded by the Indian Ocean, have a warm climate all year and are best visited between January and April. During these warm months, the sea temperature is 28°C. The flight arrives at Malé on the Kaafu atoll. You will almost definitely arrive at your accommodation by seaplane or boat. During your exquisite vacation, dive in the turquoise seas of one of the archipelago’s 26 atolls and relax on the immaculate white sand beaches. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the Baa Atoll seafloor before heading to Rasdhoo to swim with sharks. A "fare niente" holiday in which you will be swept away by the sun and sea on one of this destination's hundreds of islands. If you like the Maldives, you may also like the Seychelles or Bali...

The very mention of the Maldives' name conjures up images of an earthly paradise. When you find this little sliver of land lost in the Pacific Ocean, how could it be otherwise? The Maldives is a paradise with their blue lagoons and beautiful beaches. A new notion of bliss awaits you as you go from island to atoll, beneath the coconut palms or on board a seaplane. The sight of the 26 atolls that comprise the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean is one you will never forget. A series of turquoise lagoons, in the middle of which floats a bank of land, is in front of you. The Maldives is one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, with its idyllic scenery. Simply said.

Our hotels in Maldives is a perfect chance to enjoy the advantages of a tropical environment that is continually lulled by trade breezes that try to keep you cool. Unreal sceneries unfurl in front of you indefinitely. Bury your feet in the fine sand of the Maldives beaches and explore the archipelago's most picturesque locations. Most of them have facilities that will install you on a deckchair, beneath an umbrella...

It is impossible to choose the best gorgeous beach during your Maldives holidays since the archipelago is teeming with previously undiscovered land paradises. There are the inevitable beaches of South Ari Atoll, but the most stunning lagoon is undoubtedly found on Cocoa Island. Cocoa Island's excellent sandy beach, fringed by large palm palms lined up and bending in front of warm blue ocean, confirms your sensation of living in paradise.

The Maldives archipelago is a call to relaxation, abandonment, and retreat. It is the region of a thousand-coloured fish and sea in limitless colours of blue. Snorkelling, water sports of all types, and a seaplane ride to appreciate the magnificence of these vanished micro-islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are a group of over 1,200 islands and islets located 600 kilometres southwest of India and bordered by the Indian Ocean. They stretch around 750 kilometres length and 120 kilometres broad between the Laquedives Sea and the Arabian Sea. They are mostly made up of island hotels, some of which host millions of people each year. They are well-known across the globe for their spectacular marine sceneries, which attracts divers on a daily basis. They're also famous for their unique meals, crystal-clear waterways, rich flora, and gorgeous beaches. Booking one of our Maldives specials is one of the greatest ways to see this archipelago.

The climate in the archipelago is humid and hot. Temperatures range from 28 to 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 24 to 28 degrees Celsius at night. Humidity fluctuates from 65 to 85% due to the country's closeness to the Indian Ocean and the equator. Although temperatures may reach 38°C, they are moderated by sea breezes. The seas, on the other hand, are constantly warm and enchant with their clear hues. The dry season is the ideal time to book Maldives holiday packages. It lasts from December to April and has a lovely climate. It is also an excellent opportunity to attend the Fishing Day, which draws thousands of fishing aficionados from all over the globe.

Quintrip’s selection of hotels in Maldives is also an excellent chance to sample the native cuisine. Although many restaurants and hotels provide Western menus to please guests, don't be afraid to try native foods during your trips, treks, or excursions in certain areas. An intriguing way to try new foods is to explore Malé during your Maldives holidays.

The Maldives, formed by coral atolls floating in the Indian Ocean, has all the tropes of a tropical paradise. Palm-fringed islands with beautiful beaches and warm, crystal-clear water, as well as lagoons teeming with colourful wildlife, are ideal for family vacations and honeymooners. Divers from all over the globe value the underwater biodiversity of the Maldives for its variety and richness. The Baa Atoll, in particular, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a popular destination for diving tours. Divers will be enticed by Thila's extremely virgin seabed, Muthaafushi's underwater caverns, and the manta ray spectacle at Neliwaru Thila. North Male's underwater Eden, Lhaviyani's "huge" specimen passages, and the legions of fish and colourful corals of the Central Atolls will also delight the most discerning divers.

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts looking for Maldives specials will discover a plethora of activities to fill their days. Windsurfing, kitesurfing in the crystal blue lagoons of Velassaru, Rihiveli, or Baros, surfing on the famed flaws of Cola, Sultan, or Kanu Huraa, and big game fishing are just a few of the sports available in the Maldives. Take the opportunity to learn about scuba diving while on Maldives packages, which is regarded across the globe as a diving paradise. You will be spoiled for choice for your Maldives diving trip, with the most famous being the Kuredhu Kandu, known for its corals and grey shark, the Banana Reef with its caves and exotic fishes, Nassimo Thila with its soft corals located at the North Malé Atoll, and finally the majestic wreck of the British Loyalty at the Addu Atoll, which was the British military base during WWII.

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Set sail for the Maldives on your honeymoon or for a voyage out of time. This little nation of 1,200 islands, only 200 of which are inhabited, is a natural gem. Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation in the Maldives on one of the deserted islands for a tête à tête with just coconut trees, fine sand, and murmuring waves. From your accommodation, take a seaplane to the islands to see the gorgeous lagoons and coral reefs from above.