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Reunion Island Holidays From Volcanic Peaks to Turquoise Lagoons: Experience the Unique Beauty of our Reunion Island Holiday Package!
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Our Reunion Island packages take you to the heart of the Indian Ocean, to an island with a colorful cultural identity...

Reunion is a French island in the Indian Ocean that is part of the Mascareignes archipelago. It is located off the coasts of Madagascar and Mauritius and has a relief created by erosion. Its highest peak, the Piton des Neiges, is separated from the Piton de la Fournaise by various mountains and plains. The latter is one of the island's geological wonders. Reunion, with its tropical environment, is constantly bathed with sunlight. The dry season, from May to November, is the best time to visit Reunion, however nature enthusiasts would favor the month of October, which is the blossoming season.

Reunion Island is a sportsman's and environment lover's paradise, with excellent flora. Its natural legacy makes it a paradise of exploration: filao-lined beaches, wetlands studded with Nile papyrus, tropical woods... The Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory in Saint-Leu will take you on a journey through the history of the plant life. The Marine Cemetery of Saint-Paul is also a must-see for Reunion Island packages. This website will transport you to the old Bourbon Island. Hotels in Reunion Island allow you to immerse yourself in a place of varied cultures. People, tastes, architecture... Everything here is built on opposites.

While Reunion is famed for its environment, beaches, and hiking, there are a few cities worth visiting. Begin with Saint-Pierre, a lovely city in the south of the island. You may see the unique colonial architecture of Reunion Island or go to the Saturday morning market, which is one of the most beautiful in France. Visit the city centre and its distinctive colonial architecture, the ancient city hall, the old colonial railway station, the Kergueven warehouse from the 18th century, the Raphael Barquissau media library, and the Café Grillé creole botanical garden. Étang Salé is another city to visit. This little village is situated between Saint-Leu and Saint-Louis in the southwest of the island. Take advantage of the chance to go for a stroll along the cliffs, beginning at the chasm's parking lot. The Étang Salé chasm is a relatively tiny cliff where the waves smash.

Visit Saint-Gilles les Bains as well. This beach resort is a port city on the island's west coast. This is where you'll discover some of Reunion Island's most gorgeous beaches, such as Roches Noires and Ermitage. Take advantage of the chance to participate in water sports such as sailing, boating, surfing, kayaking, or scuba diving... Visit the Park of Eden, a 2.5-hectare tropical botanical garden, as well as the Villèle Historical Museum, a former colonial residence. There are also several restaurants, pubs, and discos on-site. Hell Bourg village is worth a visit. Several hot springs may be found across Reunion Island's mountains and in the heart of the jungle. Discover its lovely alleys, its floral and colourful manicured cemetery, with a 360° view of the mountains and surrounding greenery, the Morange home in the middle of the hamlet, and the museum of the Musics and Instruments of the Indian Ocean. In addition, the Ecole Normale route leads to the Trou de Fer waterfalls.

The 200-kilometer-long coastline has over 30 kilometres of white and black sand beaches ideal for water sports. Saint-Paul beaches with blue flags surround turquoise seas teeming with clown fish, sea turtles, and leopard morays. It is an excellent location for kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Reunion Island holidays provide guests looking for breath-taking scenery and thrills with the option to see the world-renowned canyons of Trou Blanc. Rafting in a beautiful location gives you access to exciting and breath-taking courses.

Hikes on the serpentine routes crisscrossing a flora of mango trees, coconut trees, and vanilla trees lead to the Mafate cirque, a hiker's paradise. Pick up one of our Reunion Island specials to see the amazing historical sites including the ancient town hall in neoclassical style in the city of Saint-Denis. Visit the Buddhist pagodas, the Tamil temple Kalikambal, and the prefecture, a colonial edifice with a shingled roof. Cilaos' church is a work of Creole art dedicated to Notre Dame des Neiges. It is a stunning structure with a cross ornamented with bell towers that glow with blue phosphorescent light at night.

Reunion Island is not generally visited for its beaches, despite the fact that this neighbour of Mauritius has some lovely coasts. Starting with Saint-Gilles, the most popular beach resort for sunbathers and leisure seekers. Its four charms - Saline, Hermitage, Black Rocks, and Boucan-Canot - give vacationers sand as blonde as a Hollywood starlet and water as clear as sapphire.

While the azure of the Indian Ocean remains appealing, green predominates in these locations. Reunion Island, born from the wrath of volcanoes - the Piton de la Fournaise is still one of the world's most active volcanoes - and drenched in a tropical environment, with amazing scenery and flora. They've never looked better than in Mafate, Salazie, and Cilaos. These three beautiful cirques, gathered around the Piton des Neiges, the region's highest peak, transform the island's centre into a trekking paradise. The first is the most bizarre, which makes it all the more intriguing. The second is home to the Voile de la Mariée, Reunion's most spectacular waterfall. The third is noted for its abundant sunlight, recreational activities (mountain biking, hiking, canyoning, climbing, acrobatic course...), and... sparkling mineral water! A magnificent trio that infuses Reunion Island packages with an air of adventure.

Although Reunion Island is a French department, it is a unique island that was created by blending numerous civilizations. Cultures are as diverse as the landscapes and beliefs. These distinctions are represented in recreational activities as well, with the option of diving 40 meters under the Indian Ocean or flying over the island at 3,000 meters above ground. Quintrip’s Reunion Island holidays will take you on an exciting and unexpected excursion that will exceed your expectations.

Look at our Reunion Island specials, and you might be exposed to the most fascinating and surprising aspects that you will be forced to adore. Those who have previously heeded the island's call will affirm that, despite its tiny size, Reunion Island is untameable. You may visit both the desert and the ocean in the course of a single day. The tropical environment is lived to the beat of the music and savoured as the delicacies flavoured with local spices march around the table. The vanished villages remain firmly committed to traditions, whilst the major metropolis have moved forward. Your vacation will be as peaceful and intriguing as the island itself.

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In addition to exploring an exceptionally rich natural environment, our high-end travel offerings at special pricing to Reunion Island will provide a chance to learn more about the island's history and culture. Saint-Denis, the capital of Reunion Island, is rich in monuments, architecture, and museums. Among the must-see attractions that will improve your trip is the Garden of the State, which is filled with spectacular exotic trees like as the baobab, talipot, and traveler's tree. You may recuperate there before visiting the Natural History Museum of Reunion Island, which will appeal to both youngsters and adults. At the end of the day, Le Barachois will be the perfect spot to watch a spectacular sunset while breathing in the sea air, as a couple or with your family. Enough to entice you to visit Reunion Island.