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Looking for sun and white sand? Choose a holiday package to Bali! The island of the Gods offers you beaches bathed by the Indian Ocean and magnificent rice terraces. With a very present culture, you will discover its numerous Hindu temples and traditions at every corner: Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Pura Petitenget... Seminyak, Sanur or the monkey forest of Ubud are also must-sees during a travel package to Bali. You want to prepare your next trip to escape, relax and enjoy the beauty of this island paradise? Feel free to explore our selection of Cheap holiday packages to Bali.

Or why not a travel package to Egypt?  It is the country of pharaohs and pyramids, but also the country of beaches. Prefer a visit between October and May, because the Egyptian summer is very very hot on the Nile. On the banks of the Red Sea, you can swim all year round with water temperatures of over 20 degrees! Take advantage of a holiday package to Egypt to venture to some of the most beautiful historical sites in the world: the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, the temple of Karnac in Luxor, Philae in Aswan or the giant statues of the temple of Abu Simbel on the banks of Lake Nasser. So if you are still in search of discovering greatness and history, don't wait any longer and discover our wide choice of Cheap holiday packages to Egypt.

A holiday package to Greece will allow you to relax as well as to visit magical and unmissable places. Greece is a sublime destination, through its past. A travel package to Greece encourages you to dive into the heart of antiquity or to walk in the footsteps of Aristotle and Pythagoras through the archaeological sites of Athens and Delphi. Its flora and fauna are rich and varied. Nature lovers, hikers and mountaineers enjoy the natural scenery of mainland Greece and the islands that stretch from the Adriatic to the Aegean Sea during a holiday in Greece. So if the vacations are approaching, if you want to enjoy some rest and fabulous sightseeing as a couple, with friends or family, then you have come to the right place! Do not hesitate to consult our Cheap holiday packages to Greece.

Want to enjoy culture and great landscapes? A travel package to Ireland is offered to you... Discover a green island, mystical land, land of legends. When the grey-blue clouds cover the sky, letting a few golden rays of sunshine filter through the leaden blanket, the play of light on the steep cliffs or the vast marshy expanses create surreal atmospheres. A paradise without equal for photographers and nature lovers during their holiday package to Ireland. So if this European country attracts you and you can't wait to discover it and come back with unforgettable memories, then hurry up and explore our latest offers of Cheap holiday packages to Ireland.

Not far from us, treat yourself to a holiday package to Kenya! You won't be disappointed, as this East African country bordering the Indian Ocean in the southeast is known for its splendid landscapes and its wildlife. Indeed, Kenya has an abundance of rare animal species such as the wildebeest, the zebra and the giraffe, just to name a few. You will be able to contemplate all these animals during your travel package to Kenya... The Masai Mara National Reserve has one of the largest concentrations of animals on the planet. You can see wildebeest migrating - the phenomenon begins in July - and dozens of herds of wild animals, including elephants, lions and hyenas. A breathtaking sight that you certainly shouldn't miss with our selection of Cheap holiday packages to Kenya.

You can also opt for a travel package to Maldives which is synonymous with dream beaches in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Composed of 26 atolls and more than 1000 islands, the archipelago has several blue lagoons, reefs and coral reefs. Beyond Malé the capital, but especially Maafushi, Meerufenfushi and Hulhumalé to enjoy the beach, snorkeling or to go on honeymoon. During your holiday package to Maldives, don't miss the atypical multifunctional building Hukuru Miskiy. You can combine our Cheap holiday packages to Maldives with a visit to a neighboring country like India or Sri Lanka...

We also recommend a holiday package to Mauritius where you can recharge your batteries. It is an excellent choice to engage in a journey rich in colors and flavors. With its colors ranging from gold to emerald green through shades of red and blue, Mauritius is a shimmering destination and ideal for a travel package to Mauritius. Here, solidarity© and hospitality© are only equaled by the kindness of a people who never lose their smile. You will keep immutable memories if you choose one of our Cheap holiday packages to Mauritius.

You can also opt for a travel package to Mozambique, where nature is expressed in all its splendor. A holiday package to Mozambique will leave remarkable memories. All the beauty of the natural paradise sceneries can be found there: long white sandy beaches lined with small lodges or luxury hotels, numerous islands with a mysterious character but also landscapes of forests, savannahs... allowing the discovery of a surprising fauna. You will dream of Mozambique for its smell of adventure, its warm and always smiling inhabitants, the numerous possible activities... Our Cheap holiday packages to Mozambique are far from a mass tourist tour and still remain a small paradise to explore. So, ready to go?

Finally, why not offer you a holiday package to Reunion Island? You will spend a dream vacation between turquoise waters, idyllic landscapes and fine sand. Located in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island belongs to the Mascareignes archipelago. The island is essentially volcanic and mountainous, with the presence of the Piton des Neiges culminating at 3070 meters and more to the east, the Piton de la Fournaise still active to this day. In order not to miss anything of the geological spectacle, we advise you to cross the plain of Cafres and its path of the craters during your travel package to Reunion Island. The former colony gloats between volcanoes, cirques, cliffs, jungles, white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons in the west of the island, protected by a coral reef, cliffs and molten lava in the southeast of the island. At Quintrip, we develop year-round Cheap holiday packages to Reunion Island, so don't wait any longer to discover them!

And why not a travel package to Seychelles which is a must-see destination? Discover the peace and quiet of the three main islands of the Seychelles! Enjoy personalized service and benefit from the many ways in which the relaxed atmosphere of Seychelles promotes a truly relaxing time. Born from the split between Africa and India, a string of 115 islands emerges from the Indian Ocean. Flat coral or granite outcrops, these islands are home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Powdery under a sun flooding a bright sky, they are nestled in the hollow of heavenly bays, planted with palm trees and surrounded by granite rocks sculpted by time, and hemmed in by abundant tropical vegetation and an idyllic setting for a holiday package to Seychelles. Located outside the hurricane belt, the destination is ideal and suitable for year-round sailing, with a consistently mild climate and an average temperature of 29°. A taste of paradise is on the horizon with our exclusive Cheap holiday packages to Seychelles.

Have you thought about a holiday package to Thailand? If you choose to go to Thailand for two, Bangkok is an interesting choice. This city has atypical places like the sparkling Chinatown and the night market of Patpong. For an even more romantic touch during your travel package to Thailand, go to the Damneon Saduak Canal Floating Market. Besides the pleasure of admiring the boats loaded with local products, this place allows you to familiarize yourself with the local habits and customs as well as an ancestral method of trade in Asia. We also recommend the city of Chiang Mai, second city of Thailand and nicknamed "the rose of the North". Another essential stop of Cheap holiday packages to Thailand, the city offers you many handicraft stores, family restaurants and temples to visit. This Thai city with its rural charm is very popular with visitors.

A travel package to Turkey will take you to a crossroads of civilizations... Turkey attracts and fascinates. Shared between Europe and Asia, the country knows how to take advantage of its unique geographical situation to welcome travelers from all over the world. Imagine strolling through the narrow streets of the Istanbul bazaar, sailing on the Bosphorus, smoking a hookah while watching the sun set over the sea or swimming in a wild cove bathed in crystal clear waters. From Anatolia to Lycia, from the Black Sea to Cappadocia, the incredible diversity of Turkish landscapes, cultures and traditions will invite you to contemplate and discover. Your holiday package to Turkey will be synonymous with a change of scenery. From a human point of view, it is the hospitality of the Turks that will enchant you: around a tea or in the shade of a mosque, the language barrier will disappear and communication will be established naturally. With Quintrip's Cheap holiday packages to Turkey, enjoy an unforgettable stay at an exceptional rate.

And finally, we suggest a holiday package to Zanzibar, one of our favorite destinations... Give yourself a moment of pure exoticism by going to Zanzibar. Off the coast of Tanzania, this paradise island with a scent of spices invites you to escape... From its immaculate beaches to the narrow streets of Stone Town... Whether you offer a travel package to Zanzibar on the "spice island" after a safari in Tanzania, you will immediately succumb to the charm of this island... The immense, almost deserted beaches with their untouched white sands, the spice gardens, the temples and mosques of Stone Town... Everything here lends itself to enchantment! So let yourself be seduced by unique experiences with our wide range of Cheap holiday packages to Zanzibar.


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